Series: The Left Forum 2014 - Reform and / or Revolution: Imagining a World with Transformative Justice

The world Remains mired in the 7th year of capitalist crisis. The celebrated "recovery" benefits only the few who generated the crisis, while endless economic declines beset its victims, the vast majority. economic, political and cultural inequalities deepen inside every country. Class divisions sharpen. Social injustice brings us all to the breaking point.

As the system fails so many so badly, activists for democracy, sustainability, equality and the abolition of oppression and exploitation increasingly grasp their shared demand for basic social justice. Fifty years of anti-communism, anti-radicalism, hesitant social criticism, and activists' muted suspicions are fading into irrelevance.

Pressing questions loom for Justice seeking social forces. What is to be done today when a reform brings us one step forward, while leaving other important struggles worse off in the process? What type of movements will it take to overcome such challenges?

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Producers: Brian Drolet, Brenda Salas Neves
Year: 2014

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