Series: The History and Consequences of Anti-Communism: A Historic Conference: Harvard University, 1988

Held in 1988 at Harvard University, The History and Consequences of Anti-Communism was a historic conference, made just before the fall of the Berlin Wall, about the role of anti-communism in the United States. In addition to full coverage of all plenary panels, there are in-depth interviews with key figures on the left. The panels include the effect of anti-communism on the labor movement in this country, on the publication of social studies textbooks for elementary schools, the persecution of the civil rights movement, the suppression of writers and actors in Hollywood and the intervention by the CIA in elections in Latin America, Italy and East Asia.

The list of presenters includes Jessica Mitford, Virginia Durr, John Henry Faulk, Cheddi Jegan, John Kenneth Galbraith, Dessima Williams, Mel King, Blanch Cook, Howard Zinn, Herbert Kohl, Eduardo Chamorro, Laura Flanders, Daniel Ellsberg, Angela Davis, Julian Bond, Victor Navasky, William Preston, Juan Bosch, Archie Singham, Angela Gilliam, Frances Fox Piven, Arthur Kinoy, Michael Manley, Warren Hinckle, Noam Chomsky, Stephen Jay Gould, Ruth Hubbard, Carl Oglesby, Ellen Schrecher, John Stockwell, Phillip Agee, Edward Said, Salie Bingham, Herbert Schiller, Jack O'Dell, Michael Parenti, Victor Rabinowitz, Ricardo Alarcon.

Producers: DeeDee Halleck
Year: 2013

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