Series: Middle East Collection

The Gulf Crisis TV Project (1991) 10-part series (28 mins each)

A collaborative series that became the only voice of media dissent against the Gulf War. This series includes 10 programs that critically examine the mainstream media’s role in manufacturing public consent to militarism, the interconnectedness of the military and oil industries, the history of US intervention in the region and post-cold war US foreign policy, as well as the war’s devastating effects of the US economy-including cuts to labor, health care and education and the peace movement that grew in response.

Shocking and Awful: A Grassroots Response to War and Occupation (2005) (12 part series (28 mins each)

In response to the attempt to "shock and awe" Iraq into submission, Deep Dish TV put out a call to our network of activists, artists, filmmakers and editors to create this insightful and incisive series. This powerful series amplifies the voices of Iraqis, documenting the death, destruction and dehumanization inevitable in imperial war. It delves into how the war has affected Iraqi women and the solidarity movements organized by groups like CodePink. This series illustrates that modern war is rarely fought on one front. It includes programs that explore the domestic consequences of imperial war: from the racial profiling of Arab Americans, to the undermining of civil liberties by the Bush administration, to the role of mainstream media manufacturing the American public’s consent to the war.

Nothing is Safe (2006-07) 5 part series (229 mins total)

Like the story spun about the US occupation of Iraq, the U.S. mainstream media has sanitized the public’s understanding of the Israeli attack on Lebanon. Based largely on interviews with ordinary Lebanese citizens, inspiring stories of steadfast determination are juxtaposed against a backdrop of unimaginable destruction targeting civilian homes, schools, medical facilities and roads and bridges. While amplifying the voices of the silenced civilians, this 5-part series also explores the US motivations for supporting the Israeli war on Lebanon.

Transforming Palestine/Israel: Into a Single, Secular, Democratic State with Equal Rights for All Its People (2008) (59 mins)

A panel discussion exploring the possibilities and solutions of a single state solution to the Palestine/Israel conflict featuring Rabbi Dr. Susan L Einbinder (moderator), Amaya Galili (Israeli activist), Kathleen Cristison (former CIA analyst and writer), Joel Kovel (Professor, Writer), Ali Abunimah (Cofounder of Electric Intifidada).

Imperial Geography - Palestine/Israel: Why the Hot Spots are Hot (2002) (28 mins)

The media often say that the clash between the Palestinians and the Jews is "as old as the hills." This is a fabrication. The conflict is really less than a century old and really develops with clarity after World War I. The role of the Great Powers, especially Britain and France in engineering the current situation is the focus of this program.

Chronicles of a Refugee (2008) (5-part series, 488 mins total)

Chronicles Of A Refugee is a 6-part documentary series that looks at the Palestinian refugee experience over the last 60 years in a global context. The first three episodes recount the experiences of Palestinian refugees since 1947 in their own voices. The refugees take us from "Al-Nakba' (the catastrophe) in 1948 (Part I) through the repeated expulsions of Palestinians from, and by, host countries (Part II) to the various legal, social and political discrimination Palestinian refugees continue to experience (Part III). The last three episodes raise three main issues facing contemporary Palestinian refugees. The intended goal here is to open up debates revolving around Palestinian identity (Part IV); the Right of Return (Part V); and the problem of political representation (Part VI).

FALLUJAH (2006) (28 mins)

After the major U.S. led offensive launched in November 2004, two-thirds of the city was destroyed and thousands of its citizens were forced into refugee camps. A team of videographers commissioned by Deep Dish TV and Code Pink recorded the destruction and death inflicted by the American assault. Includes interviews with many Fallujah residents who were forced to leave their homes and live in refugee camps on the outskirts of Fallujah and Baghdad.

IRAQI WOMEN SPEAK OUT (2006) (17 mins)

In response to the death and destruction of the war, on a visit to the US, six courageous Iraqi women speak out against the occupation and challenge Americans to take responsibility for the actions of the U.S. government and force an end to the brutal, illegal and immoral occupation of Iraq.

The World Tribunal on Iraq: The Final Session (2005) (300 mins)

An invaluable record of the crimes committed by the United States and its “Coalition of the Willing” partners in the invasion and occupation of Iraq. Iraqi witnesses and experts in international law, human rights, science, culture and history testified for three days before an international “Jury of Conscience” that included Arundhati Roy (India), Eve Ensler (U.S), Chandra Muzaffar (Malaysia), Dumisa Nsebeza (South Africa), Francois Houtart (Belgium), and Taty Almeida (Argentina).

The World Tribunal on Iraq: Individual Testimonies (2006) (480 mins)

Featuring 17 speeches by distinguished legal scholars, academics and human rights activists from around the world, this unparalleled compilation covers topics as far ranging as economic colonialism and its relationship to militarism, environmental devastation and the gender specific issues relating to war. Including testimonies by Barbara Olshanksy on the US government’s covert practices in the US war on Terror.

Year: 2011

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