Series: Spigot For Bigots Or Channels For Change?

This ten-part series is a response to the use of public access channels by white supremacists, addressing the controversy that ensues between civil rights and civil liberties. The debate reached its peak in Kansas City, Missouri when the Ku Klux Klan applied for time on the local access channel. The city council, in response to city-wide pressure, voted to give up their access channel rather than accept Klan programming. Facing a possible law suit by access users, the city council eventually decided to ask the cable company to reinstate access. The cable company plans to provide very reduced access facilities (which the KKK is scheduled to use). This series is being offered to access channels around the country for use as counter-programming and to explore racism and the challenge to access itself. Series Coordinator: Martha Wallner for Deep Dish TV.

Year: 1990

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