Project: The Immigration Project

Uprooted: A Grassroots Examination of the Politics of Migration is a new series about immigration from Deep Dish TV.

Eva Lewis continues to develop this project from Arizona where she is currently working to document the Department of Homeland Security's use of "checkpoints" that force citizens and non-citizens alike to pass through guard stations for identity checks.

Eva has media production experience in Latin America as well: in El Salvador, where she worked for a women's radio station, and in Colombia. At Deep Dish TV she has provided consistent and effective leadership in program development and fundraising for Uprooted, and other programs.

Uprooted aims to shift the terms of the current immigration debate and become an organizing tool for activists around the country and the world. To participate in the series visit Uprooted blog.

Millions of people are migrating across borders throughout the world today. In the U.S. immigrants from South America, Asia, the Middle East, Africa and South Asia are changing the demographics of the country. The series will broaden the discussion beyond the simplistic categories of “legal vs. illegal” immigration.

The series will examine the issues of immigration from multiple perspectives, including and especially the perspective of immigrants themselves. It will empower immigrant communities to become their own storytellers, and provide immigrant organizers, and their non-immigrant allies, with tools to bolster their advocacy efforts.

Uprooted asks: What motivates people to leave home, family and the familiar to cross deserts, oceans and language barriers? What are the diverse experiences of contemporary immigrants seeking to establish roots in a new land? The issues surrounding immigration are indeed matters of human rights, but they are at root also issues of racism and economic exploitation.

The series aims to systematically debunk the nativist mythologies that fuel the rhetorical engine of the right wing pundits and offer realistic, humane and hopeful insight.

We ask for your participation in this project by contributing videos, images, contacts, or any information surrounding the topic. You can post any videos or information on the Uprooted blog or send it to us at

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