• ProductionYear: 2015
  • Runtime: 0
  • Topic: Media Studies
  • Catalogue Number: 3810

Danny Schechter The News Dissector (1942 - 2015)

  • Danny Schechter was a close personal friend and a good friend of Deep Dish TV. In February 2014 he presented and led a discussion on South Africa and Mandela's death at one of Deep Dish TV's monthly Salons. Such a wonderful contributing life, so vital, so engaged. After the pain of losing an extraordinary presence and friend diminishes a bit, we will be left with his lifetime of accomplishments, his relentless questioning and challenging of those who block bringing to birth that more just, equitable and loving world to which he devoted his life. I'm reminded of the Chinese epitaph: "Some deaths are light as a feather, some are heavier than Mt. Tai." Danny was not a lightweight by any measure. His life and spirit leave a deep impression, not just on those of us who knew and loved him, but on everyone touched by his work. Film critic Roger Ebert said about his own passing: “I’m taking a leave of presence” Danny’s presence is here. Salut Danny! Brian Drolet Deep Dish TV March 29, 2015
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