• ProductionYear: 2013
  • Runtime: 6
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  • Catalogue Number: 3642

Occupy Gezi NYC June 15: Istanbul Report Back

Occupy Gezi NYC June 15: Istanbul Report Back

  • Zuccotti Park, New York, June 15, 2013--During an Occupy Gezi NYC solidarity protest, OWS activist/educator Justin Wedes, who has just spent a week in Istanbul, reports on what he experienced there . At around 3pm, the news came that despite Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's promises to the contrary, the Turkish police have raided Gezi Park with "overwhelming force". There were also unconfirmed reports that tear gas had also been fired on protesters seeking refuge in the hotels surrounding Gezi Park, on 3 year old children and elderly people, in hospitals and that doctors had been detained. If anyone in Istanbul has details please post as a comment or send a message via You Tube. or to @nothingofficial. Thank you. <a href="http://gezipark.nadir.org/index_eng.html ">http://gezipark.nadir.org/index_eng.html</a> NB The above link supplies a detailed log of protester actions and police attacks by time, city and street location. Also in other languages.

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