• ProductionYear: 2008
  • Runtime: 4:0
  • Topic: Labor Movement
  • Catalogue Number: 3400

Labor on the Edge

Borders, Broken Dreams, and Bold Alliances

  • <b>Coming October 2008</b><br>The second installment in the new archival series from Deep Dish, <a href="http://deepdishtv.org/Series/Default.aspx?id=38"><b>DIY Media: Movement Perspectives on Critical Moments</b>, Series</a>, <b><i>Labor on the Borders</i></b> is a re-examination of both the difficulties and changes faced by the labor movement during the Reagan/Bush era, and the opportunities that this period presented. The 1980's was a period that saw a programmatic and rhetorical assault on the once- thriving labor movement in the United States. It was also a period during which the complex impact of immigration on the labor movement was first becoming felt, as was the impact of the spreading maquiladoras south of the border. Interestingly, these pressures helped to forge new alliances between groups that once saw themselves as enemies: Environmentalists and Labor Organizers. This fascinating compilation of material from the Deep Dish TV archive, combined with commentary from filmmakers and labor organizers, helps draw the connections between these phenomena.

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