Harlem Activist Dr. Vicky Gholson Dies

10/20/2014 Vicky_gholson-j

Dr. Vicky Gholson of Harlem, New York died Tuesday, October 14, 2014 from complications with pneumonia.
For more than 20 years Dr Vicky Gholson ran the Senior Citizen Sculpture Garden, a two-block-long green space she helped transform from a trash-strewn lot where drug use and prostitution were rampant into a blooming community garden on 153rd St. near St. Nicholas Avenue.

Vicky was instrumental in helping DeeDee Halleck obtain funding for the Deep Dish TV / Waves of Change "Africa in Harlem" program which trained seven young women in film and web building. The graduation program in the summer of 2013 was held in the beautiful Senior Citizen Sculpture Garden that Vicky founded and nurtured over two decades.

Vicky was the CEO of DEEL, 501(c) (3), New York City-based nonprofit community board organization, in which she delt with parents, clergy and civic minded individuals within her community for intergenerational development and professional training. A think-tank composed of professionally-skilled citizens addressing research and design needs for the Harlem community's continued revitalization and economic development.

Vicky was a proud member of Community Board 9, and a successful product of School District 5. Vicky was known as a philanthropist, media specialist and definitely a community activist. She graduated from Pratt Institute with her BFA in Art Education and took her Masters in Graphic Arts and her Ph.D. in Communications Design from Antioch's Union Graduate School. "She is an original thinker and a determined woman" said Ozzie Davis.

We ask that you donate towards funeral memorial expenses. The funeral service and memorial will begin Monday, October 20, 2014 at 5:00pm held at Rocky Mount Baptist Church, 37-41 Hillside Ave, NY, 10040

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Vicky Gholson and DeeDee Halleck
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Vicky Gholson: Building / Protecting her community
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