One Picture Worth 1000 Words

08/12/2014 White_pigs_in_bkack_community

If the word "pigs" seems too offensive, or too 60s, or too derisive of the porcine species, this image should shatter the restrained, oh so fine and cautious language that now surrounds the militarized robo-cops who are charged to contain and repress communities of people of color throughout the United States. If this image does not make your blood boil, you are most likely deeply infected with racism.

In Ferguson Missouri, a community near St.Louis, a white cop gunned down Michael Brown, an unarmed Black high school graduate about to go to college. "Gunned down" is accurate. It means he pumped numerous bullets in to the boy's body while his arms were raised over his head. The Police Chief at this writing won't release the name of the murdering cop, for his "security." (the town's police force is 95% white, the town is 70% Black,)

How many young Black and Latino young men will continue to die at the hands of pumped up, entitled, unaccountable, militarized, white cops and vigilantes.? How many Trayvon Martins and Michael Browns and Eric Garners will be counted up each year as the U.S. "post-racial" society continues to murder and incarcerate a population that it deems disposable?

So thanks to the New York Times for running the picture (and the slide show of images from Ferguson). But to set their record straight when they say "a reminder of a toxic racial legacy that still infects cities and suburbs across America." It ain't no legacy. It's an everyday reality. And no need of a "reminder." These toxic cops are in the face of Black people across this country every single day.

Deep Dish TV has recently launched a major video project on racism in the U.S.: The Myth of a Colorblind America. The project producer, Kali Akuno was an author of Report on the Extrajudicial Killings of 120 Black People released by the Malcom X Grassroots Movement in 2012 in the wake of the murder of Trayvon Martin in Florida. We encourage you to read the report.

You can also view a brief interview that Amy Goodman did with Kali on Democracy Now upon the release of the report.

 photo ReportonExtrajudicialKillings_zps4c5895a0.jpg

Stop Mass Incarceration an organization committed to ending police terror and mass incarceration of Black and Latino men and women is also calling for a month of massive, nationwide actions in October 2014

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