From the Archive: "There is a Check Point Around this Center! Check this"

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New York, July 9, 2014--During the current vindictive escalation of Israeli's military campaign against Palestine, let's not forget that two years ago, at the height of the Occupy movement, in the heart of the Greenwich Village LGBT community, the Center's board of directors banned organizing meetings in support of Palestinian queers, and imposed a moratorium on any discussion of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict at the Center. Here's what I wrote at the time. --Liza Béar

PS While the ban was technically lifted in Feb 2013, see Electronic Intifatada for the latest updates on use of the space

New York City, March 3, 2012--There's the stale, morally bankrupt, illegal 60-year+ Israeli occupation of Palestine, and now there's Occupy, fresh, bristling with energy and latent power--same term with radical, 180 degree difference in values and objectives, inclusiveness as opposed to exclusion. What's Occupy the Center? Background: Deeming the subject of Palestine too "controversial" to be discussed at the LGBT Center, 208 West 13th Street, a year ago the Center's board of directors banned Siegebusters, a group against the Israeli occupation, from using the Greenwich Village space for organizing meetings in support of Palestinian rights. Subsequently, NYC Queers Against Israeli Apartheid have also been banned and a "moratorium" imposed on any discussion of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict at the Center. Hence today's action. The well-attended 4pm indoor protest against the ban was initiated by QAIA; its demands endorsed by 18 other groups, among them Jewish Voice for Peace, Jews Say No! Palestinian Queers for BDS*, Adalah-NY:The New York Campaign for Boycott of Israel, and Young, Jewish and Proud. They are calling for an end to the ban, opening the center to all who support its stated mission, and transparency--opening the Center's board meetings and decision-making processes to the community. Video: One of the event's many dynamite speakers, Tara Tabassi, accompanied by Ana Conner, speaks out passionately against the ban and against Palestinian oppression. For more info,

Also see Interview with Emad Burnat and Guy Davidi, codirectors of 5 Broken Cameras

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