New York In Solidarity with Palestine

07/09/2014 Palestine_protest

On Thursday, June 25 2014, a large crowd gathered outside the Israeli consulate in New York City to protest the imprisonment of Palestinians, and the mass raids and arrests that have plagued the West Bank and has targeted over 560 Palestinians. Various organizations joined the protests, including the American Muslims for Palestine and the US Palestinian community Network.

Professor Rabah Ibrahim Abdulhadi reported that “Israel never ever lives up to it’s promises so we are continuing protesting Israeli colonization and occupation of Palestine”

Imperial Geography - Palestine and Israel from Deep Dish TV on Vimeo.

Imperial Geography, produced by Deep Dish TV, provides an informational map video on the history of the conflict between Israel and Palestine to highlight the history of the middle east, the beginning of the Israeli and Palestine conflict, and the role the United States and European powers play in diffusing or increasing the conflict.

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