Kara Walker - An Homage to the Unpaid and Overworked Artisans

05/14/2014 Sugar-03-inline

Kara Walker latest exhibit pays homage to the factory workers from Brooklyn’s legendary Domino Sugar Factory. The factory achieved its success in the late 1800's in part due to slave labor, producing half of the US’s sugar.

In 2000, Domino became the site of one of the city's longest labor struggles, when 284 unionized workers went on strike for 20 months. Walker's art installation reminds us of the history of the slave trade shaping the country, and also of the continuing importance of the struggle for labor justice. Deep Dish TV has covered the labor movement for the past 25 years. Workers continue to face many of the same problems the workers at the Domino Sugar Factory protested against: unlivable wages, health hazards and overtaxing hours. Check out any of these Deep Dish TV programs on more recent labor struggles to find out more:

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Kara Walker at Domino – May 10 through July 6 from Creative Time on Vimeo.

Also, see the series of drawings by writer and illustrator Ricardo Cortés's referencing the slave labor central to sugar’s historic manufacture. Visit Creative Time website


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