Fracking: the shock doctrine of the global gas sector

04/18/2014 Fracked

For the past year, Deep Dish TV artist and journalist Liza Béar, has been researching the fracking industry. Watch her latest videos from her series "Fracked" below.

The U.S. government has seized the current crisis in Ukraine to further spread its "fracked-in-the-USA" export tentacles. Republican Senators have introduced news bills to fast-track the natural gas export into Europe. The legislation has been validated as a matter of US national security, in response to Russia's threats to cut off gas supplies to Ukraine. However, a close examination of the legislation drafts show that the bills lift permissions for "gas to be sold on the world market to any country belonging to the World Trade Organisation."

The global gas sector has a long-standing tradition to accumulate private gain from seizing economic crisis around the world. Under the disguise of "clean energy" and sustainable alternative for climate change, the gas industry has been profiting off from land taken for drilling and fracking, regardless of the devastating impact on climate change. As journalist Naomi Klein explains below about U.S gas corporations

"For the past four years the gas lobby has used the economic crisis in Europe to tell countries like Greece that the way out of debt and desperation is to open their beautiful and fragile seas to drilling.And it has employed similar arguments to rationalise fracking across North America and the United Kingdom."

Fracked Part 1

Fracked Part 2

Fracked Part 3

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