Yes He Can, And Will, Deport You

04/15/2014 Poster_obama_deportations_1-web

Despite Barack Obama's claim that the U.S. under his administration is only deporting criminals and "gang bangers" an in depth study by the New York Times shows that 80% of the over 2 million people deported had no serious criminal record, arrests or gang affiliation. (View graph of who gets deported here

In his 1952 Pulitzer Prize winning book The Uprooted, historian Oscar Handlin begins with the sentence: "Once I thought to write a history of the immigrants in America. Then I discovered that the immigrants were American history." So what's behind this rampage of expulsion against immigrants today? A draconian persecution that even the New York Times has been compelled to criticize

This is what Deep Dish TV's current project Uprooted is designed to explore. As part of curating this project we filmed this conversation at the Culture Project in New York City in 2013

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